Initiation of a lifelong learning process

About Vivek Summit

A new surrounding, a new feeling where one likes to luxuriate in warm ambience and grandeur is our new Playway building “VIVEK SUMMIT”. One can witness its orchestration with superb precision by highlighting its unique design based on new concepts and ideas. The attractive exterior is matched by its interior with a pleasing ambience. Children enjoy getting agog with lively activities here. Such an educational and excitable set up surely helps in the threading a weave of excellence amongst our students and enable them to carve a corner for themselves.

Our Motto at the Playway

The saying of Swami Vivekanand,

“Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to success” ,

is taken up as our motto at Vivek Summit. It


The activity based and playful technique of learning and teaching is what is most enjoyed by the students and teachers of Vivek Summit. The kids are taught in such an exuberant manner that the skills within the child are brought out and carved with a niche.


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